JEE Main 2023: topper’s tips on how to prepare and crack exam

JEE Main 2023 Topper’s Tips On How To Prepare & Crack Exam
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JEE Main 2023: topper’s tips on how to prepare and crack exam

Since the exam date of JEE Main 2023 is out, it is time to pull up your socks for the final round of preparation before you shoot your shot for what is referred to as the country’s most challenging competitive exam.

In this blog, we introduce you to some practical and reliable study tips, most of which have been given by the past year’s toppers. Strictly following these tips would help ace your preparation for the JEE mains examination.

1.Focus only on one subject/task: 

Many of us like to be all over the place by multitasking weeks before the final exam day. However, one must refrain from doing this as this only creates confusion when one should only focus on a particular subject to get clarity in it. 

Choose one subject, get done with revising it entirely, and then only switch to changing the next. Moreover, if you have to appear for an olympiad or mock test of a particular subject a week or so later, make sure your complete focus is on it only.

2.Spaced Repetition technique:

JEE comprises three subjects, all of which must be revised and prepared thoroughly. Thus you must finalize a revision strategy months before, where you must give the required amount of time to each subject without focusing on one subject or topic extensively. 

This technique involves revising the same topics/subjects after an interval. Your brain is formed so that if you keep repeating the same information repeatedly, after a spaced break, you will remember it for longer. Thus give enough time to touch on the same topics and subjects over a week or two. This will help you memorize the issues well in advance. 

3.Maintain the Consistency:

Consistency is the key; it holds entirely true regarding revision. When you begin revising the topics after you are done with doubt-solving, it is essential to stick to practicing the problems regularly without fail. 

Consistent sticking to a revision pattern without giving it a miss will help you score better. Many toppers try to complete their syllabus way before and provide the last 3-4 months before the exams to revise things. 

4.Keep a peaceful mindset throughout:

It is okay to feel stressed about exams, but acknowledging those emotions and distracting them from them to focus on your goal of preparing for the exams is the key. Few would tell you that keeping a disciplined mindset during preparation is essential. 

Sticking to a routine revision and study habit and developing a positive approach will take you places. Being disciplined applies to exams and life; a consistent routine and a positive mindset are the two definite keys to success.

5.What do toppers do differently to score well?

Like all other millions of JEE aspirants, toppers study with a consistent aim to crack the exam. The only difference is that they follow the best practices to research and prepare for the exams, achieving this with greater discipline and consistency. 

There are some essential points you must not give a miss that will help you score well. These are:

  1. Don’t leave any topics for the last minute. Last minute should only be given to revising the previous issues instead of learning anything new. 
  1. Focus on quality over quantity. Ensure you understand what you put your mind to instead of cramming too many things. 
  1. Resolve the doubts as soon as they arise; leaving them for later would make you miss on those types of problems entirely. 

Here’s where to get the latest updates and download JEE Mains 2023 admit card:

JEE Main 2023 admit card is now out! However, you can download the admit card from the official site NTA

All the latest news and updates related to the JEE Mains examination can be retrieved from the official website of NTA


A disciplined study strategy, completing the syllabus on time, and keeping yourself mentally and physically fit throughout preparing for any examination adds to your success. Make sure that you take these strategies as long term and apply them to your later areas of life, not just in exams. We wish you good luck preparing for the JEE Main 2023 examination.