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The young generation is most concerned about ensuring a secured future, just as a nation prepares its forces with utmost care to secure its boundaries. And just as the preparation requires intensive training by dedicated trainers in a perfectly simulated live experience, students also require expert guidance and mentorship to achieve a secured and stable future.

Welcome to Bansal Group of Institutes (BGI), an entity of Shriniwas Education society, Bhopal where we are committed to equipping students with education and exposure, critical for constructing a stable career in Engineering.

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We at Bansal Group of Institutes (BGI), are committed to the employability of our students by enhancing their theoretical knowledge coupled with practical skills, resulting in a high level of placements of the Group Students.

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The amalgamation of students’ skills with the needs of the society, Corporate world, culture, ever-growing technology, and the student’s confidence to prove his presence at Global Perspective, is what we are concerned with the most.


The Group director of Bansal Group of Institutes, Dr. H.B Khurasia is known for his exemplary working experience and expertise in the institutions. He has been teaching for the past 40 years at MANIT Bhopal, he is a retired dean and head of the mechanical engineering department. He has been to Nigeria on foreign Assignment for about 3 years in one of the Technological Universities at Ilorin. His determination can be seen via his published 45 research papers in various journals of National & International repute.

Dr. Khurasia guided many Ph.D., and M.Tech students, & conducted a large number of National & International conferences & workshops. He has a hands-on experience on various sponsored research & industrial projects. With this, he is a recipient of several awards for the best papers published in research journals of the Institution of Engineers, (India) Kolkata, and is a life member of various professional bodies like CSI, IEI, ISTE & IIIE.

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Bansal Group of Institutes is known for its varied activities including training, teaching, consulting, and research which are the most significant pillars of quality education, and BGI is built on the potential of these four pillars of quality education. The institute stimulates and nurtures leaders of the future, who have the potential of making difference in society. The institution works very closely with industry & assiduously seeks the participation of industry leaders in the evolution of course offerings and to take up research in emerging areas.