Electronics and Communications Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering


Electronic and Communication Engineering is a four years course having eight semesters. It is a professional Engineering Degree in “Electronic & Communication Engineering” awarded in India.

The course is designed to meet the always-growing demand for qualified professionals in the field of both Software and Hardware.

It covers various aspects of Computational Theory, Programming, Algorithm Design and Optimization, Networks, Mobile Technologies, Electronics, Mathematics, probability, etc.

Syllabus/ Scheme up to8 semester

1st semester
2nd semester
3rd semester
Digital System Design
Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation
Electronic devices
Network Analysis
Evaluation of Internship-I completed at I year level
90 hrs Internship based on using various software’s –Internship -II
4th semester
Energy & Environmental Engineering
Signals & Systems
Analog Communication
Control System
Analog Circuits
Simulation Lab
90 hrs Internship based on using various software’s –Internship -II
5th semester
Microprocessor &its Application
Digital Comm.
EMT (Electro Magnetic (Theory)
Matlab programming
Evaluation of Internship-II
Minor Project 1
6th semester
Digital Signal Processing
Antenna & Wave propagation
Data Communication
Microcontroller & Embedded system
Data Communication Lab
Microcontroller & Embedded system
Minor Project II
7th semester
VLSI Design
Microwave Engg
Internet of Things
Microwave Lab
I.O.T. Lab
Major Project-I
Evaluation of Internship -III
8th semester
Optical Fibre Communication
Wireless Communication
Wireless Network
Advanced Communication Engg. Lab
Major Project-II


Training Programs conducted within last 1 year

Training program on Embedded system & IOT (From 21st Dec 21 to  27th Dec 2021

Name of Equipments Installed Within The Department

Name of Laboratories & Department to which attached Equipments/Machines available in the Laboratories
Apparatus Available
Analog Electronics Lab Single stage RC coupled amplifier kit
SCR characteristics trainer kit
Sample and hold circuit trainer kit
BJT trainer kit
Diode characteristics trainer kit
MOSFET characteristics trainer kit
MICROWAVE LAB &AWP LAB Klystron Based Microwave Bench Setup
Gun-diode Based Microwave Bench
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Meter
Frequency Meter
Function Generator
Antenna trainer kit
Various antennas (like yagi-yuda, horn, helical etc.)
ANALOG AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATION LAB Ammodulation/demodulation kit
FM modulation/demodulation kit
PCM trainer kit
PWM trainer kit
DM trainer kit
TDM trainer kit
ASK/FSK trainer kit

Industrial Visits conducted 2022-2023

NITTTR ,BHOPAL | Date : 29/08/2022
MSME ,BHOPAL | Date: 14/12/2021