Common Mistakes IIT JEE Aspirants Make & How to Avoid Them

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Common Mistakes IIT JEE Aspirants Make & How to Avoid Them

Along with knowing about the IIT JEE exam pattern and preparation tips, it is also important to be aware of the common mistakes that JEE aspirants generally make, as being aware of the mistakes helps you avoid them. 

Students aspiring to clear JEE spend years preparing themselves for the IIT JEE entrance exam, which is known as the toughest competitive exam in the country. 

This blog tells you about the most common mistakes that can potentially ruin your years of preparation, lakhs of rupees in coaching, and can potentially harm your mental health forever and advises you on how to avoid them. 

Not sticking to the JEE syllabus – 

JEE generally sticks to logical and aptitude-based questions primarily from the three main subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The exam will never test your comprehension of various topics that are not a part of your syllabus. 

Spending time over questions out of the syllabus will only be a big waste of your time & effort. So it would be better if you understand the syllabus and follow it strictly. 

No proper revision method – 

Any competitive exam is incomplete without a proper revision strategy and practice hours. While devising the strategy for exam preparation, dedicate some time just for revisions. Conducting revisions periodically will help you revise the concepts that you have studied early on. Not having an excellent revision strategy might cause you to lose your grades. 

You can avoid this mistake by keeping a separate notebook for noting down the important pointers, or you can also use flashcards for easy reference and quick revision. The flashcards are generally used to note down the important headings and to remember the concept while reading them. 

Not giving enough mock tests – 

In the last few days do not waste time learning any new concepts, as retaining any new information at the last moment is always a bad idea, instead utilize that time to appear for as many mock tests as you can. 

Mock tests help you learn about your speed, daily practicing the mock tests will also improve your accuracy. This also helps you with time management while appearing for the exam. 

Messed up sleep schedule – 

Students often ignore the importance of having a proper sleep schedule. Habits like pulling all-nighters a few weeks before the exam will not just badly impact your grades but it will also affect your mental and physical health. 

It’s better that you follow a proper schedule dedicating time for exercise, time apart from social media, and enough hours for sleep. This will help keep a healthy balance between studies and recreation, which will keep your mind fresh during long hours of studying. 

Leaving important chapters for the last minute- 

Often a common mistake that most students make is that they leave the important chapters and concepts for the last minute study. But assuming that you will get enough time during the end to touch those chapters and concepts is a big mistake. 

The last few weeks and days should solely be dedicated to mock tests and revisions, trying to learn and retain any new concepts at the end time is a task impossible. 

Not Staying Calm- 

Leave what has been undone, panicking unnecessarily at the last moment will highly affect your performance during the exam. 

Staying calm during the last few days before the exam day is extremely important. Be confident with all of the preparation you have done, keep a positive mindset, and try to give your best in the exam with whatever you have learned. 

Sitting with an unbalanced and stressful mind will not help you focus on the questions being asked in the exam, this will lead to you panicking and giving wrong answers under pressure. Thus keeping a calm mind throughout is extremely crucial and necessary. 

We hope that you learn from the above-mentioned mistakes that engineering aspirants generally perform, and give your exam confidently in which you have given your crucial years for the preparation. 

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