Why must you learn to code? How is it beneficial for your career?

Why must you learn to code How is it beneficial for your career
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Why must you learn to code? How is it beneficial for your career?

Technology is now ruling the world in all sectors of industries. And if you are also thinking of stepping into this world of technology, there are some key skills you would need to carve your mark in the IT industry. 

One of the most essential skills you need to learn to step into the technological world is coding. Coding is the process of creating instructions with the help of programming languages. 

In this blog, we tell you about the importance of coding and how learning to code will help give wings to your career in the IT sector and why you must learn computer programming.

Why must you learn to code early?

Learning to code is more than just developing programming skills to create and formulate softwares and applications. Receiving lessons in coding in the elementary school could be extremely useful for the kids in the longer run.

Learning to code early on in their life helps them develop some essential skills that could help them in other areas of their life, also it makes them digitally literate, which seems to be a necessity to survive in the technological world today. 

Some of the essential skills that students can learn through coding are:

Some of the essential skills that students can learn through coding are:

1. Improves Computational Thinking:

learning to code could make the students sound enough to identify a clear, defined, and step-by-step solution to complex problems. 

2. Coding encourages persistence among students:

coding can help students develop a growth mindset. When they begin to learn programming, they learn the skill of acceptance in life by encountering both success and failures. 

3. Helps create digital literacy:

digital literacy refers to a person’s ability to engage with technology and to optimize its use for maximum advantage. Learning to work with different programming languages and technology could develop this ability in students much early in their life. 

Thus, one must learn computer coding, which could turn out to be one of the constructive hobbies kids could develop. Apart from offering them lucrative career opportunities, it offers children so much more than that. 

Coding and its various benefits: 

Looking at its importance, it has countless benefits for both engineering students and engineering aspirants. Some of these are;

Coding and its various benefits: 

1. Increased Job opportunities:

learning how to code can open a pool of job opportunities for you, from programming jobs to web development jobs. If you know coding, there would never be a dearth of career opportunities for you. 

2. Improved problem-solving skills:

of course, coding requires you to think logically and solve problems in an efficient manner, eventually improving both your programming skills and logical thinking. These skills could also be applied to other areas of life. 

3. Increased creativity:

coding allows you to create something from nothing. It encourages you to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to basic problems.

4. Improved confidence:

learning to code can give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your confidence.

5. Financial benefits:

with great job opportunities comes an opportunity to grow commercially, too. Knowing how to code can lead to higher-paying jobs, giving you financial freedom. 

Best programming languages to learn in 2023

The toughest part of learning how to code is to know where to begin. There are ample of important programming languages with their applications into various technology industry jobs

Each of these languages have their own set of complexities and limitations. To know which would work best for you according to your interest and its scope around the world, we have listed some of the important programming languages you can learn in 2023. 

1. Python –

Python is a popular programming language, used for creating web applications, software and websites. It can also be used to automate tasks and conduct data analysis. Python’s syntax is clear, intuitive, and easy to understand, which makes it a popular choice among beginners.

2.JavaScript –

JavaScript is a text based programming language that allows you to make web pages interactive. Along with HTML & CSS, JavaScript is essential to front-end web development. JavaScript has a forgiving, flexible syntax that works across all major browsers.

3.Java –

Java is the programming language used majorly for mobile app development. Apart from being used for developing mobile apps, it can also be used for developing web apps, desktop applications, games, etc. 

Other lesser-known but important programming languages that you can learn are: Go, Rust, Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, and R.

Where to learn to code?

The options to learn to program and code in today’s world are practically limitless. There are several online platforms that provide you with the right opportunities to learn coding and programming. Also, there are many applications and academic channels on youtube that can provide you with various chapters on coding languages both free and paid. 

Some of the best platforms for beginners to learn how to code are:

1.Coderbyte –

Coderbyte is a web application created to assist you with programming exercises and coding skill development. It provides a selection of web development courses and coding challenges that might help you be ready for upcoming job interviews.

2.Codewars –

Codewars is an online community that provides you with the platform to learn computer programming. They provide a selection of discrete programming exercises that may be finished in an online integrated development environment and can be used to train a variety of skills in a variety of programming languages.

3.HackerRank –

Through project-based evaluations, HackerRank Projects enable you to rank Front-end, Back-end, and Full-Stack engineers.

4.FreeCodeCamp –

Even for those who are completely new to coding, freeCodeCamp is a useful learning resource. The portal offers all the necessary coding knowledge, including articles, videos, and hands-on sessions.

5.LeetCode –

LeetCode is one of the most well-known online judge platforms, where you may improve your programming abilities by responding to coding challenges.

The above mentioned platforms provide the right opportunity to the beginners to learn different programming languages without much difficulty.  


Coding plays a key role in the technological evolution that is becoming increasingly important in the modern day world. Learning to code also gives the right boost to your IT career and provides you with the right tools you need to go on and be a part of shaping the future. With the countless number of career and personal life benefits we now know that coding provides, everyone should learn to code early on in their life.

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