Top 5 Start-up Owners With Engineering Backgrounds

Top 5 start-up owners with engineering backgrounds
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Top 5 Start-up Owners With Engineering Backgrounds

Engineering is the most chosen and sought after course for many around the world. India alone produces more than a million engineers every year. 

Although the first choice of engineering aspirants after graduation remains to get into a good multinational company or land a cushy high-paying job, many also choose to consider entrepreneurship as a good option and start their own businesses. 

Starting your own business, though comes with its own set of struggles and risk factors, many actually take a plunge and make a success out of it. 

Start-up businesses are easy to begin, but the key to running a successful start-up business remains dedication and consistency. There are many such Indian start-up owners who didn’t give up through the initial struggles of setting up their businesses and have worked hard to make their name in the list of top entrepreneur businesses of the country who also come from an engineering background. 

In this blog, we tell you about the top 5 entrepreneurs of the country along with putting some light on their success story. 

1.Sachin Bansal – Flipkart 

Sachin Bansal is a known Indian entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of famous online shopping application Flipkart. Flipkart, being one of the successful shopping sites in India, has an overall valuation of $20.8 billion. 

Bansal is credited with the gradual transformation he has brought to the e-commerce world. 

Sachin met Binny Bansal at IIT-Delhi when they were completing their graduation studies, who also later worked together at the e-commerce site Amazon. E-commerce in India was in its infancy period when Sachin and Binny decided to quit Amazon to start Flipkart. Indians were not fine with the idea of online shopping until that time, so starting an online shopping application was a big risk in itself, but despite the challenges, the Bansal duo worked hard to make Flipkart a big hit in the Indian households. The success of his idea today makes him stand first on the list of top 5 entrepreneurs in the country. 

2.Bhavish Aggarwal – Ola 

Bhavish Aggarwal is among the founders of one of India’s top entrepreneur businesses. Bhavish is a co-founder of Ola Cabs and Ola Electric. Ola Cabs is an Indian Multinational ridesharing company, headquartered in Bengaluru. It also operates in other business domains like financial services and cloud kitchens.

Bhavish is an IIT graduate. He initially worked at Microsoft for two years, only to quit later and start his own travel and tourism business. But what led to the start of a car rental service was one real life terrible experience while renting a car. That’s how he started Ola Cabs – to simply fulfill a need, which stands as one of the safest and successful Cab rental businesses in the country. 

3.Vijay Shekhar Sharma – Paytm

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is an Indian technology entrepreneur and among the 5 successful entrepreneurs of the country. He is also the chairman, managing director, and CEO of One97 Communications and its consumer brand Paytm. Paytm is an Indian digital payments and financial services company based in Noida, India. 

An alumnus of the Delhi college of engineering, Vijay, comes from a modest background and faced a lot of difficulties in college, as he wasn’t fluent in English. What made things worse, he was cheated on by his partner from the previous venture and made him incurred huge debts as a consequence. But his resilience did not allow him to give up, and this is what made him start One97, the company behind the Paytm App. 

4.Deepinder Goyal – Zomato

Fourth in the list of top 5 entrepreneurs is Deepinder Goyal. Deepinder is the co-founder and CEO of Zomato. Zomato is a famous Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company. 

Goyal is an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi. He earlier worked with Bain & company from his real life challenges he faced while having to visit different restaurants and menus. He got an idea to collect, scan, and upload the restaurant menus on a website he created along with his colleague Pankaj Chaddah, also an IIT-Delhi graduate. Like any other start-up, the company faced some setbacks initially, but Deepinder’s passion and consistency allowed him to make a success out of this venture. 

5.Richa Kar – Zivame 

The last but not the least on the list of 5 successful entrepreneurs is Richa Kar, co-founder of Zivame, a Bangalore based start-up unit dominating the lingerie segment. Richa founded Zivame in 2011 with a vision to provide a dedicated platform for women to shop intimate wear. 

An engineering graduate from BITS, Pilani, Richa, in her initial days of career worked for SAP in the US, where she handled assignments from Victoria’s Secret. While working for them, she realized that women in India didn’t have the same access to quality lingerie products. This is when she decided to come with Zivame. Her sense of self and dedication has made her carved the Brand’s name in the Indian markets. 

The above mentioned successful entrepreneurs and their business are a true result of will and dedication put together. Entrepreneurship demands your consistency and patience in times of initial struggles. Inculcating these few important traits will help your idea succeed to become a brand. Finally, having the right kind of support and tools at your disposal will definitely make things easier. 

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