<strong>ToneOp Eats The Buzz Among The Fitness Enthusiasts In Bhopal, Indore & Bangalore!</strong>

ToneOp Eats The Buzz Among The Fitness Enthusiasts In Bhopal, Indore & Bangalore
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ToneOp Eats The Buzz Among The Fitness Enthusiasts In Bhopal, Indore & Bangalore!

ToneOp Eats, the Health Kitchen, a culinary masterpiece crafted by the visionary Founder & CEO, Mr. Parth Bansal, in Bhopal just over a year ago, is now creating a buzz in Indore and Bangalore. It is increasingly getting popular among all those searching for a freshly prepared healthy & balanced meal. This innovative cloud kitchen provides delicious and nutritious meals that are specifically designed to help you reach your fitness goals and maintain your health.

The subscription service offers the flexibility to choose between lunch or dinner, making it convenient for individuals to align their meal plans with their daily routines.

What truly sets this service apart is its commitment to offering a wide range of tastes within each nutrient category through its planned cyclic menu. 

ToneOp Eats Is Now In Bangalore!

ToneOp Eats, the popular healthy meal delivery service, is now available in Bangalore! This is great news for anyone in the city looking for a convenient and calorie-counted meal. The cloud kitchen located at K.R. Puram Hobli has its presence on Swiggy & Zomato, along with providing subscription-based service through their website. 

Why Choose ToneOp Eats?

Imagine waking up each morning feeling energised and refreshed, ready to tackle the day ahead. Imagine having a body that you feel confident in and proud of. Imagine living a life that is full of energy and vitality. ToneOp Eats is a dream come true when it comes to managing your diet plan according to your health goal or medical condition. They offer a variety of resources and support to help you stay on track.

1. Customization At Its Best

It offers the flexibility of customisable meals to meet your specific preferences and dietary requirements. This means you can create meals that suit your taste, dietary restrictions, and individual goals. Whether you prefer vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, or high-protein options, the customisable meals ensure you get exactly what you want.

2. 100% Healthy Meals 

The meals are not only delicious but also 100% healthy. Each meal is meticulously crafted to include counted calories, ensuring that you can easily manage your calorie intake. This process thoroughly involves a team of diet experts who also provide personal guidance and consultations to the customers. 

3. Registered Dietitian Support

ToneOp Eats has a team of registered dietitians who are available to answer your questions and provide support. They provide expert guidance and personalised advice. These professionals can help you make informed choices, create meal plans, and address any dietary concerns you may have. 

4. Wide Variety

Their menu boasts a wide range of meal options to keep your taste buds excited. You can choose from a diverse selection of dishes, including salads, grills, meal bowls, smoothie bowls, juices, and protein-packed meals in 30, 40, and 50 grams options. For those occasional indulgences, they also offer healthy cheat meal options like Biryani and Sandwiches.

5. Goal-Driven Meals For 3 Major Health Goals

The meals are not one-size-fits-all. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply maintain a balanced diet, you will get it all. The customisable offerings can be fine-tuned to suit your specific health objectives, making it easier for you to reach your desired outcomes.

6. Hygiene & Quality Of Ingredients Is Their Topmost Priority

ToneOp Eats ensures regular pest control measures for kitchen hygiene. The vegetables and fruits undergo thorough sanitisation using safe solvents and are stored at controlled temperatures. Also, the chefs and staff use proper PPE kits to avoid any kind of diseases to make space.

What Sets ToneOp Eats Apart From Other Health Kitchens In The Area?

This groundbreaking meal service is making waves with a host of exceptional features that cater to the health-conscious individual’s every need.

  1. Ala-Carte Preparation: 

With a commitment to quality, all meals are freshly prepared ala-carte, leaving nothing made overnight and guaranteeing the utmost freshness.

  1. Cold-Pressed Juices

Their dedication to health extends to their cold-pressed juices, carefully prepared to retain their full nutritional value, free from common processing techniques.

  1. Oats-Based Gravies

 A unique twist on classic recipes, their gravies are prepared with oats to provide a healthier and more nutritious alternative.

  1. Only No Fat Lean Meat

The meal service uses only lean meat, eliminating any fatty cuts and ensuring every bite aligns with healthy eating.

  1. Natural Sweeteners

They have smoothies which are a  blend of seeds, fruits, and oats which exclusively feature the natural sweetness of dates and honey. Any added sugar or artificial sweeteners is a strict no-no. 

  1. Olive Oil Only

Preparing meals with pure olive oil, with no more than 5 grams in quantity, showcases their commitment to health-conscious choices.

  1. Safe & Eco-Conscious Containers

In an effort to protect the environment, this service employs eco-friendly containers for meals and glass bottles for juices that stand out from traditional plastic options.

  1. In-House Delivery Team

Their in-house delivery team guarantees the safety and punctual delivery of every meal. All the delivery executives undergo regular medical checkups and are monitored for undelayed deliveries. 

  1. Indulge Guilt-Free

Recognizing that indulgence is part of life, they offer cheat meal options for those special occasions.

What Is In ToneOp Eats Menu?

At ToneOp Eats, you will surely be surprised to see so many healthy yet tasty varieties of vegetarian and vegan options. All their meals are customisable and cooked only in organic olive oil.  

1. Salads

Salads can never be so tasty until you get your forks on ToneEats salad varieties. Customise your favourite greens, fruits, seeds, and protein for a satisfying and nutritious meal.

2. Grills

Paneer and tofu grills are a delightful option for vegetarians, while lean chicken and fish grills are a mouth-watering option for non-vegetarians. These tasty grills are about 350-400 grams and can be customised to your liking.

3. Meal Bowls

ToneOp Eats believes rice is the perfect base for a delicious and satisfying meal. That is why they serve rice bowls with oats-based gravy and sauce options to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for a creamy malai paneer or a spicy Thai curry, they have something for everyone.

4. Smoothie Bowls

The smoothie bowls here have a delightful explosion of flavours with multi-grain granola, seeds and fresh fruits. They are naturally sweetened with dates or honey and are packed with nutrients, so you can feel the goodness of indulging your sweet tooth.

5. Protein

Get the protein you need to build muscle and fuel your fitness journey with protein-packed meals to choose from like protein 30, 40 and 50. Protein 30 & 40 both have veg and non-veg options, whereas protein 50 offers non-veg options for heavy protein requirements. These meals are specially prepared for gym goers as they need high protein content.

6. Juices

ToneOp offers a variety of freshly squeezed cold-pressed juices that are packed with nutrients. Cold-pressing is a process that extracts juice without using heat, which preserves the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in fruits and vegetables. The quantity of juice they offer to you is 330 ml. These juices are also free of additives and preservatives. 

Who Will Prepare Your Healthy Meals?

ToneOp Eats has a team of well-experienced dieticians and certified chefs skilled in figuring out the best meal plan according to your health conditions. They do not compromise your well-being and will only recommend a proper meal plan after discussing every major to-minute detail about your daily routine, eating schedule and what you love to eat. 

How To Place An Order?

You can order with ToneOp Eats by subscribing to their plan on the website. There, you can select your meal plan, meal time and preferences. Your plan will be activated within 24 hours after you complete the payment. You can also order from Zomato or Swiggy. They are at your service from Monday to Saturday, between 10 am to 10 pm. The best part is that they will make pamper you with offers & discounts from time to time. 

To Start Your Healthy Meal Plan Today: 

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