Narayana Murthy’s Success Story And Leadership Style

Narayana Murthy’s Success Story And Leadership Style
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Narayana Murthy’s Success Story And Leadership Style

Narayana Murthy is not a foreign name when we think of successful businessmen of India. Being one of the seven co-founders of a multinational company like Infosys, Mr Murthy has built a legacy worth appreciating. Narayana Murthy established Infosys in 1981, and has also been given the title of “Father of the Indian IT Sector.” Infosys is the second largest Information Technology (IT) Company of India after Tata Consultancy Services. 

Narayana Murthy is hugely adored for his interviews with his wife, Mrs Sudha Murthy who is the Chairperson of Infosys. They both are also called the ‘power couple’ because of their understanding relationship and the way they both have contributed to each other’s success.

In this blog, we will dive into Mr Narayana Murthy’s success story, his major achievements, and contribution to India. Read the blog to know more!

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Table Of Contents

1. Who Is Narayana Murthy?

2. Narayana Murthy’s Success Story

3. Achievements Of Narayana Murthy

4. Contribution Of Narayana Murthy To India

5. About Sudha Murthy

6. The Final Say

7. FAQs

Who Is Narayana Murthy?

Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy was born in Karnataka on 20th August, 1946. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from National Institute of Engineering and master’s from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He co-founded Infosys with 7 other software engineers, and has a net worth of 4.1 billion dollars. This multifaceted billionaire has built a name for himself and his company, and is also considered as the top 12 Indian entrepreneurs of all times.

Mr Murthy worked on India’s first time-sharing computer, and also started a company called Softronics. But when the company failed, he joined Patni Computer Systems in Pune. He was arrested during the communist period in 1971 for talking to a French girl on a train journey, and spent 72 hours in a jail in Bulgaria. This experience resulted in him becoming a passionate capitalist because he no longer wanted to be a part of a communist party. 

In 1981, he founded Infosys with just INR 10,000 capital investment which was given by his wife. But in a few years, he built a global delivery model for Infosys establishing it as a global company. In June 2014, Murthy became the Chairman Emeritus and retired from the company.

Narayana Murthy’s Success Story

A huge credit for Narayana Murthy’s success goes to his wife, Mrs Sudha Murthy. She believed in him and his company by being its first ever and only investor. Initially, Mr Murthy was working in the corporate world so that he could get a stable income to convince Sudha Murthy’s dad for their marriage. 

But, after their marriage Sudha Murthy realised that his husband is lost in the corporate world and wants to build a more meaningful life. So, she lent him INR 10,000 to work on his entrepreneurship journey for 3 years. Narayana Murthy found 6 other like-minded people who were software professionals, and in this way, Infosys Consultants Private Limited was formed on 2nd July, 1981.  

Mr Murthy’s house became the office of Infosys and at that time, Sudha Murthy took up multiple jobs to support their family. But this journey of growth of Infosys and Narayana Murthy’s success was not linear. After a partnership with Kurt Salmon Associates fell out, the company faced huge losses and one of the partners, Ashok Arora sold his stake to the rest of the founders.

But, after the Liberalisation of the Indian Economy took place in the 90s, Infosys touched great heights. This liberalisation involved certain reforms that lowered the taxes, made the foreign companies interested in the Indian market and led to high economic growth. After these reforms were passed, Infosys went on to generate a revenue of 100 dollars by 1999. 

Today, Infosys is a multinational conglomerate that provides business consulting, IT and outsourcing services.

Achievements Of Narayana Murthy

Mr Narayana Murthy is not just a visionary but also a remarkable entrepreneur, businessman and founder. Some of his major achievements include:

1. He is the recipient of Padma Vibhushan, the second highest civilian award and Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award of India.

2. He is also the recipient of various other eminent awards such as Kempegowda Award (2022), Philanthropist of the Year (2013), Indian of the Year’s Icon Award (2011), Ernst and Young World Entrepreneur of the Year (2003), etc.

3. He is a member of many boards of eminent institutions, such as Cornell University, the UN Foundation, Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and a trustee of the Rhodes Trust.

4. Mr Murthy is also the Chairman of the Governing board of Public Health Foundation of India, and the director of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

Contribution Of Narayana Murthy To India

A few of the many ways in which Narayana Murthy has contributed to growth of India are:

1. Economic Growth 

Narayana Murthy has contributed hugely to the economic growth of India by being a trailblazer in the field of entrepreneurship and by bringing an IT revolution. After he set up Infosys in 1981, it opened the pathway for many other IT companies to establish their base. He and his wife together worked on his vision for 30 years and did not take a single day off. 

2. Exemplary Leadership Skills 

Mr Murthy set an example for everyone by his dedication, hardwork and commitment to the vision of technologically advanced India. From Mr Murthy, the young generation that relishes in instant gratification can understand the true meaning of toil, labor and perseverance until the final goal is achieved. He is not only a philanthropist, a businessman and a great innovator but also a terrific leader, and icon for the younger generation.

3. Legacy 

Mr Murthy has not only built a name for himself in India but is regarded as one of the greatest businessmen of all times. His success and legacy have contributed to the honor of our nation and have increased its pride.

4. Leadership Style

Narayana Murthy has set an example for all Indian businessmen and employers by his exceptional leadership style and qualities. He believes that for any corporation to work well, it is important to keep its employees happy. He along with his team have thus built a company where everyone is equally treated.

About Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy is an author, philanthropist, and also the Chairperson of Infosys. She is the recipient of Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian award and Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award. Mrs Murthy is a versatile writer whose intellect and humor is often appreciated at talk shows. It will not be wrong to say that she watered the seed of a multinational company in her husband’s mind and believed in him throughout his journey. And she rightfully takes credit for it too! 

In a recent interview, Mrs Murthy expressed that she made her husband a businessman and his daughter (Akshata Murthy), made her husband (Rishi Sunak), the Prime Minister of UK. By this simple and powerful statement, she restated the powerful saying, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.”

The Final Say

Narayana Murthy’s success story would be incomplete without giving credit to his wife, Mrs Sudha Murthy who contributed equally to the growth and advancement of Infosys. The pair have set an example for all the aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen of India to strive for their dreams and not give up when difficulties arise. Mr Narayana Murthy is a great inspiration for all Indians and his exceptional life teaches one about the power of perseverance and faith.


1. Who is Narayana Murthy?

Narayana Murthy is the Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Infosys. He is a billionaire who has contributed hugely to the economic growth of India.

2. What is Infosys CEO salary?

The salary of an Infosys CEO is approximately between 60 crores to 150 crores depending upon the company’s growth and revenue in a financial year.

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