What are different campus placement rounds and how to prepare for them?

What are different campus placement rounds & how to prepare for them (1)
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What are different campus placement rounds and how to prepare for them?

Campus placement drives provide you the right opportunity to get yourself placed in your dream company. Although many college’s conduct proper preparatory sessions for the students to provide them an idea about the various types of placement drives and the key to get the rounds clear. 

There are some early preparation tips no one would have told you till date.  Knowing them is necessary before you sit for the placement interview rounds. 

In this blog we give you a brief overview of each of these rounds and essential preparation tips to ace them.

1.Skill Assessment Test

Skill Assessment test is a pen paper based test, consisting of logical reasoning, language skills, quantitative reasoning and knowledge based questions of medium to high difficulty standard. This specific campus placement round tests your aptitude and analyzes the intelligent quotient of the applicant. 

Skill Assessment tests are taken to assess a candidate in a first round interview. Your performance in this interview decides whether a recruiting company will call you for the next interview round. Thus, it is important that you prepare well for it in advance.

How to prepare for a Skill Assessment Test?

The below mentioned tips will help you prepare well for the skill assessment test.

– Try to know thyself-

 the correct way to ace a personality assessment test will be to be aware of your interests and passions and what traits you would require to make a mark in the career of your choice. 

– Company Knowledge-

it is essential to have the right knowledge about the company you are applying for. Knowing about the company values and the vision & mission of the organization will help you answer most of the questions from the test with great ease. 

– Know what you are applying for-

most of the questions in the test are based on the position you are applying for. Thus, it is necessary that you are aware of all the know-how of the job position you are appearing for. 

2. Group Discussion 

Although this round is not compulsory in the recruitment processes of many companies, some of them use this round to analyze the problem-solving abilities of the candidates. Confidence and good communication skills are the two crucial aspects that will help you ace this round. 

How to Prepare for a Group Discussion Round?

Below mentioned tips will help you ace this particular round:

– Awareness of the topics related to your background:

during GDs, it is possible that you are assigned a topic related to your personal and professional background. Thus, it is important that you prepare yourself well to face such a task confidently.

– Speaking to yourself helps:

confidence is the key to nailing this interview round. You get the required confidence when you practice speaking to yourself. For this, you can take the help of the mirror and practice speaking in front of it.

– Note it down:

jot down the important topics and subtopics you need to cover in for or against the motion of a topic of your interest. Keeping this note handy while speaking will help you remember the flow of speaking so that you do not divert from the topic. 

3. Panel Interview Round 

This round is when candidates get to face the company personnel for the first time, in person during the whole placement rounds. The interview is more professional than an aptitude or group discussion round. 

As the name suggests a panel interview round is where a panel of professional recruiting managers interview the candidate, based on his/her skill. This round is often the deciding round of the complete selection process. 

How to prepare for a Panel Interview Round?

Few tips to keep in mind to ace this round are:

– Practice is the key:

Practice answers to common interview questions as well as industry and career specific ones.

– Be Mindful of what you put on your resume:

Be prepared to speak about your major accomplishments and describe each job role on your resume.

– Do some homework:

Check out the professional backgrounds of every interviewer who will be speaking with you during the panel interview round rather than just one, to get a better idea of their backgrounds.

Technical Test

Technical knowledge is extremely essential while applying for any job interview. You could be very good with other aspects of the job interview but being good with technical aspects holds the key to landing your dream job.

Often students nailing the other rounds of the interview might face difficulty with the technical round. You must be well versed with the knowledge of  technological happenings around the world, to ace this interview round.

How to prepare for a Technical Test ?

Below mentioned tips will help you prepare for this particular round:

– Get your basics clear-

it is important that you polish your knowledge of the tech, by getting your basics clear.Familiarize yourself with the format and the type of questions asked. 

– Phone a friend:

Ask a friend with technical experience to conduct your fictional interview. It’s a wonderful way to get prepared.

– Real life practice scenarios:

Participate in hackathons and competitive programming, and contribute to open-source projects. These will give you an idea of how a technical test will be conducted.

– Pay Attention to what you put on your resume: 

Make sure that whatever technical knowledge you put on your resume, you are well prepared to explain it to the interviewers.

HR Interview Round

This round is categorized as the basic communication round wherein the company’s HR asks generic questions related to the candidate’s resume, knows about their interest and tries to find out if the candidate is a good fit for the company. 

The HR interview round is often the final round of the placement rounds before the company hires you. 

How to prepare for a HR Interview Round ?

Below mentioned tips will help you prepare for this final round of the interview and will help you secure the job role at the company:

– First thing first:

Understand the job description and the position you are applying for. Do a thorough research about the company like their achievements, projects they are working on, etc.

– Play smart:

Match the requirements of the company to your resume and profile.

– Mock tests:

Prepare yourself for every kind of question that could be asked based on the things you have mentioned in your resume. You

  • can take mock tests for the same. Prepare & practice by asking the expected questions to yourself.

Important tip:

If you can demonstrate that you have the expertise needed by the organization, this will boost your chances of being recruited.


Now that you know the key to ace each of the placement rounds, we hope following the above mentioned tips , will take you a step closer to your goal of securing a potential role in your dream company. Wishing you luck for the same!

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