What are On-Campus, Off-Campus and Pool Campus Drives?


What are On-Campus, Off-Campus and Pool Campus Drives?

Placement activities whether on-campus, off-campus and pool campus at the universities and colleges provide the right opportunities to the students and allow them to explore the competition that they might face in the outside world through placement preparation sessions that the college organizes on a regular basis. 

The campus drive increases your chances of getting placed in a good company, and who doesn’t want that? Thus every student looks forward to making the most of the campus drives organized by their college or university. 

On-Campus Placement 

On campus placements are when your college sets up programs or drives and different recruiters visit your campus for selection of candidates.  The top companies that visit your college depend on your college’s reputation and links with the top recruiters. These companies visit your college after a deal with your college. 

The companies conduct several rounds of tests and interviews, the selection process comprises around 3 to 4 rounds.  Students participating in on campus drives, have to face competition only from their peers or classmates, the level of their knowledge will depict the level of competition the student has to encounter while appearing in the interviews scheduled by the companies. 

Still this seems to be the greatest merit of on campus drives, as the level of competition seems to be comparatively low. 

Students who excel in all the rounds of interviews, are provided a relevant job profile by the recruiting company. This way students are able to secure a job profile even before their graduation is completed. 

Companies visiting the on campus placements provide a nominal package in campus placements, which could be the greatest downfall of participating in on campus drives as often placements with higher packages are done off campus. 

Off-Campus Placement 

Off campus placements are conducted outside the campus, thus your college has no role to play in these types of placements. Students participating in off campus placements have to send their CVs and resumes directly to the recruiting companies manually. 

As many students with diverse skill sets and varied talents are applying for the same post in off campus placements, the competition is greater as compared to the on campus placements. 

You have to be better amongst the best to stand out from the rest of the candidates then only you can secure a place for you among millions of students applying for the same post. 

As this is outside the campus, there is no restriction from anyone, you can sit for as many placement programs according to your willingness. 

Another merit of attending an off campus placement is that most placements with the higher packages are generally off campus. 

Thus  there is a better chance to get the right placement and package according to your talent. 

You can search for job opportunities through off-campus recruitment agencies, hiring websites, or directly reaching out to the company, which could be often confusing and tiresome. 

That is why on-campus placements are considered more convenient when compared to off-campus. 

Pool Campus Placement 

Pool campus is a part of on-campus placements, which means if there are colleges under the affiliation of the university then the students of all the colleges under the affiliated universities can attend the placement drives of the university or the allotted campus. 

It is similar to campus drive only but the major difference is that instead of just one college in an on-campus drive, here multiple college students can attend and participate in the pool placement drives, required that they are invited by the university under which several colleges are affiliated, of which student is a part of.  

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