Do’s and don’ts for every engineering student working in laboratories

Do’s & don’ts for Every Engineering Student Working In Laboratories

Do’s and don’ts for every engineering student working in laboratories

Engineering students need to pertain to certain rules and regulations while working in the laboratories. Students, especially those enrolled in the chemical engineering and mechanical engineering branches, must be cautious and follow a set of rules while working with the different chemicals and equipment , some of which could turn out to be hazardous. 

To avoid any kind of chemical, fire , and electric accidents, abiding by certain guidelines which are necessary for you to work in the laboratories, must be followed. 

In this blog we tell you about the necessary guidelines one must follow to avoid any kind of accidents possible to occur in the laboratories, especially pertaining to engineering students. 

Guidelines to follow to prevent laboratory accidents

Sticking to the below mentioned advice and safety measures might save you from any accident which might turn out to be hazardous while working in labs.

-Taking extra safety measures

Most of the time while working with electrical equipment, Mechanical engineering students have to deal with devices equipped with electric current. Thus, while working with such safety devices, the students must be careful to deploy safety equipment, like wearing protection suits, kits, and gloves, and using other requisite protective measures. 

Similarly, chemical engineers working in labs have to deal with experiments done using several chemicals of hazardous nature, which, if dropped, can cause burn injuries if they come in contact with the skin and might lead to irreparable damage of the skin tissues. Therefore, additional care and protective equipment is a must when working in the laboratories. 

-Maintain proper laboratory attire

There’s appropriate laboratory attire you must wear while working in laboratories. For example, protective clothing prevents you from wearing open-toed shoes, because if a chemical drops on the floor, or your feet, you can suffer from severe burn injuries. 

Moreover, in laboratories, you must avoid wearing loose fitted clothes and synthetic apparel. Since in labs you would be working with bunsen burners, wearing synthetic clothes exposes you to risk of you catching fire. Therefore, always wear protective gear while working with chemicals and other stuff in the labs.

-No wearing of jewelries or any ornaments in the labs

While working in a professionally hazardous environment like chemical and mechanical laboratories, you must avoid wearing any kind of ornaments and jewelry. Laboratory guidelines insist on the avoidance of wearing any kind of jewelry inside the premises. 

Thus, in case you wear any of it, it is better that you remove it before entering the labs. This is advised because the jewelry might get damaged while you are involved in a rigorous lab operation in the lab. 

-Tie up the long hairs

It is essential to tie your hair while entering the lab. Leaving hair open might invite some unavoidable accidents inside the laboratories. As while working in the lab environment, you could encounter potentially hazardous substances and equipment. 

Thus, it requires you to be careful while handling and performing any operations in the laboratories. You must be very careful with the fact that your hair might get caught by electrical or chemical fire. So make sure that you always keep your hair tied in a bun while entering the lab.

-No food stuff to be brought inside the lab

A scientific laboratory is a properly cleaned and sanitized place. The laboratories are regularly inspected to ensure that the environment is properly distilled, which would make it ideal for performing all kinds of scientific experiments. 

External elements like food and other particulates can introduce a risk of external contamination through impurities that might disturb the functioning of the lab environment. Thus, any such stuff must be avoided at all costs.


Being a responsible engineering student, it is extremely necessary that you abide by the guidelines designed to keep the lab environment safe for your working. Following the above-mentioned measures will help you do your bit in maintaining the safety directions at your laboratory workplace, which will safeguard you against all potential hazards.