Lab Facilities and its Importance in Engineering Colleges


Lab Facilities and its Importance in Engineering Colleges

While anyone chooses their dream engineering college, the checklist must include good laboratory facilities as it often is a top characteristic of the best engineering colleges.  Engineering being a practical learning course involves a lot of experimentation. In fact the jobs you get as an engineer after graduating are mostly practical and experimental jobs in the world. 

Thus every student aspiring to become an engineer should be familiarized with different types of laboratories and their working.  Laboratories are essential to simplify practical learning and make hands-on training easy and accessible throughout the engineering course

Here we explain the primary role of laboratories in engineering colleges and how laboratories help in innovative engineering practices. 

The Importance of Laboratories in Engineering Colleges 

Engineering aims to make you learn about the practical aspects of the machinery and its functions, thus it focuses on knowledge beyond mere theory. Students during the course get to learn about the practical applications of various technologies. 

Working in laboratories is the first hands-on experience any student gets in their career. 

Private or government universities aim to set up world class laboratories for their engineering campuses. These laboratories are equipped with advanced technologies and equipment that simplifies learning. The use of latest technologies with a focus on modern advancements helps students to be aware about the latest developments and happenings in the technological world. 

Experimental studies help the students prepare for the real world applications. Often the universities tend to extend their campus areas to build laboratories with improved facilities and design. 

Ways How Laboratories Help in Innovative Engineering  

Colleges putting more emphasis on advanced studies through practical learning, work to introduce new modern day equipment in the laboratories.  And continues to introduce the number of laboratories in the campuses. 

Let’s now quickly examine how engineering institutions use laboratories to help their students develop practical knowledge efficiently.  The ways through which the faculties help the students make the most use of these laboratory facilities.

Skill Building Classes- 

The students are taught beyond the regular curriculum which imparts skills & enhances practical learning. These activities help the students prepare for an industry atmosphere. 

Industry-Specific Training Sessions- 

By conducting lab experiments with a focus on a specific business, academic staff members also assist students in developing their talents. It aids in their understanding of the relationships between the past and present of an industrial vertical and the development of technology in their specific sectors.

Project-specific experiments-

Students can work on their own projects in laboratories for college contests. They can do several experiments thanks to the resources. Such trial-and-error attempts result in the student’s excellent development.

Visit to the industries- 

College faculty occasionally take the student for industrial visits, where they get the real hands-on training of different machineries and tools.  These visits can also be counted as actual training experience, which the students can also add to their resume. 

Team-building exercises- 

Team – building exercises are very necessary for not just the student seeking to gain some practical experience but it also helps in the overall development of the students. 

The students are supposed to work in team projects which they execute in the laboratories, such activities strengthen their practical knowledge. 

BGI Provides sophisticated and modern teaching facilities that are constantly updated and upgraded. Each & Every department at the BGI boasts of an array of highly advanced & developed laboratories that are adequately and sufficiently equipped with the latest apparatus and instruments.

BGI provides numerous laboratories with respect to the different departments that are there in the college.  There are dedicated laboratories for students of every branch and course, the major laboratories in the campus are fully functioning for the students belonging to the Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and MCA labs. 

Importance and necessity of all these activities and skills for students make the requirement of laboratories in the engineering colleges a crucial component. 

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