List of necessary certificates to be attached with scholarship application of MP OBC/SC/ST

  1. Online Application Form. (MPTAAS Scholarship Form)
  2. Beneficiary Registration Letter.
  3. Income certificate of father. (Self-Attested Copy)
  4. Digital Caste Certificate. (Self-Attested Copy)
  5. Domicile Certificate. (Self-Attested Copy)
  6. Copy of pass book of the student’s savings bank account and a canceled cheque. (Bring along Saving Pass Book)

Note- Old account will not be valid, open a new account or if you have an old account, within the last one month

Get the transaction information updated by the bank and attach its copy with the application. Your account must be linked with Aadhaar, submit a canceled check of your bank account along with the application. The account should be of the student himself. Zero balance account / Kiosk account / Jan Dhan account / is not valid. It is very important to follow all the instructions related to the bank account.

  1. Photocopy of T.C. photocopy of (Self-Attested Photocopy)
  2. Samagra-ID. (Self-Attested Photocopy)
  3. Fee receipt of the class in which you are studying. (BIST Fee Receipt copy)
  4. Aadhaar Card. (Self-Attested Photocopy)
  5. Marksheet of the examinations from 10th till date (Self-Attested Photocopy)
  6. Notarized gap certificate (Original Copy) in case of gap (only for new application)
  7. Admission, Counseling Slip issued by DTE. (Self-Attested Photocopy)
  8. Bonafide Certificate issued by BIST Institution. (Only for BIST Renewal Application)
  9. Notarized affidavit of information related to profession and annual income of mother and father. (Original copy of affidavit.)
  10. Notarized affidavit to be submitted by the student. (Original copy of the affidavit.)

OBC Income Limit 3,00,000/- , SC Income Limit 6,00,000/-,  ST Income Limit 6,00,000/-

* If the mother/father is in a job, it is mandatory to submit the last year’s annual salary statement or ITR Form-16 of the concerned office. * If parents get pension, then last one year (1 April 2021 to 31 March. Submit the bank statement till 2022). * Submit all the above certificates and 02 photographs along with your application in two copies (two copies) to the scholarship branch of BIST.

MPTAAS Code for BIST B.E./M.Tech./MCA-ITEP00023
MPTAAS Code for BIST MBA-ITEP00024 Website- (MP Scholarship poral 2.0)
Scholarship In charge BIST
Mob. No. 9753150036