Your Guide to Choosing the Right Engineering College for Your Academic?

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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Engineering College for Your Academic?

The hunt for the right engineering college might seem to be an intimidating task for both you and your family. Choosing the right college is extremely crucial as that will eventually decide your future. 

A reputed college with good placement history offering a course of your choice will make it an ideal choice for you to consider. 

But apart from these few factors there are several other factors that you should consider before selecting your dream college. 

Follow the below Checklist to choose the right college :

While narrowing down your search for the best college one must need to consider all the important points like the location, cost, accreditations and the course of your choice that the college must offer. 

The other important points that you must tick down while choosing the right college are :

1. Consider & Categorize Colleges 

First thing first, your set target or career goal decides what course and college you want to register for. Do the selection likewise by preparing a list of all the important colleges you should be applying in. 

Do a thorough research and make a list of all the colleges by prioritizing other crucial points like, the accessibility factor, that is it should be located at such a prime location that would make it easier for you to reach the college daily without having to struggle much. Colleges supporting multi location campuses turn out to be the plus point here. 

Other important points that you must consider while categorizing the college list are your comfort to relocate if you are looking for a college beyond your city sphere. Your financial conditions and how much you are ready to spend on your educational expenses. 

2. Placement Records 

Other points that you could consider along with the placement records are the range of packages the previous students have been offered. The number and list of Memorandum the college has signed, MoU ensures that the top companies visiting the campus. 

Placement records of the college ensures the credibility of the institution. Thus make sure the category of colleges you choose should have a good placement record. 

The role of the Training & Placement cell also is an important factor to look for, you must check a record of how frequently the college organizes placement drives, this tells you how active the placement cell is. 

3. Scholarships 

Seeking scholarships is another reason that will help decide your college. Every college offers some or the other type of scholarship. If you are a meritorious student it would be quite easy for you to get a good scholarship in any college that will help you cut off on your college expenses during your course of study. 

Apart from the merit based scholarships there are some other scholarships also that the college offers such as Government scholarships, private scholarships, community based scholarships, etc. 

Also the process of applying for such scholarships should be easy and flexible so that the student might not have to struggle much going through the application procedure. 

4. Infrastructure & Facilities

Choosing a college with a decent infrastructure is a must. With a great infrastructure you should also checklist other points like the security factor such as the presence of surveillance cameras in the campus. A secured campus ensures ban on unethical activities in the campus like the practice of ragging by the seniors. 

The major facilities you should look for in the college of your choice are, the availability of library rooms, laboratories, in-house canteen facilities and bus facility. Facilities add on to the many reasons why you must consider a college for your graduation. 

5. College Rankings & Recognition 

Rankings are a useful factor in making decisions about whether an institution is doing well in a general academic area when compared to its peer institutions. 

College rankings, awards and accreditation also increases the credibility of any institution. A certified institution with good rankings makes the college stand out among the many other available options. 

Students can consider college rankings to decipher between the different engineering colleges and to choose the best out of it. For example if you have to decide from five different colleges, the rankings make it easier to determine what makes one college different from the other. 

6. Extracurricular Activities 

Course and curriculum is of course important but is not everything, the college you choose should also give enough importance to co curricular activities like sports and other cultural activities. 

You can talk to previous pass out students to get an idea about the frequency of both cultural and sports events the college organizes. Does it promote participation into inter college and inter state championships in different domains. 

These all factors will certainly help you decide the college you must enroll in, which will not only enrich your academic performance but will also promote your overall development. 

We hope the above mentioned factors help you choose the right college and will end your hunt for a good engineering college or any graduation college in general. 

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