What Is MBA In HR? Benefits And Significance In The HR Industry

What Is MBA In HR Benefits & Significance In The HR Industry

What Is MBA In HR? Benefits And Significance In The HR Industry

MBA in human resource management is a course that can open doors to various opportunities in the HR industry. It is a highly sought-after course focusing on developing the skills and knowledge required to excel in human resource management roles. 

Pursuing an MBA in human resource management can benefit freshers and experienced professionals. Whether you are just starting your career or are looking to advance your skills as an HR professional, read on to learn more about the significance of pursuing an MBA in HR.

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Table Of Contents

1. About  MBA In Human Resource Management  

2. Benefits Of Pursuing An MBA In HR 

3. Admission Process For MBA In HR 

4. Specialisations In MBA In HR

5. Top Entrance Exams For MBA In HR 

6. Career Options After MBA In HR 

7. The Final Say 

8. FAQs 

About MBA In Human Resource Management 

A two-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) program specialising in Human Resources Management (HRM) or Human Resources (HR) provides a comprehensive understanding of business administration and practices. 

Throughout the program, students learn about several aspects of HR,  like resource management, talent acquisition, training and development, recruitment, employee relations, talent management, industrial relations, strategic management, operations management, communication skills, generalist roles, and several other management skills. 

Pursuing an MBA from Bansal College in human resource management helps recruit and leads to numerous career advancements opportunities, such as becoming an HR manager or an HR professional with high earning potential. MBA in HR colleges in India offers full-time and executive MBA programs with specialisations in HR.

Benefits Of Pursuing An MBA In HR 

Enrolling in a reputable MBA program in HR from an institute like the Bansal Group Of Institutes offers numerous advantages. It equips you with a comprehensive understanding of human resource management concepts and practices, which is essential for every HR manager. Moreover, developing effective leadership skills is critical for your professional growth, enabling you to lead the workforce efficiently.

Pursuing an MBA in human resource management also enhances your marketability, increasing job opportunities in human resources management. Networking with industry professionals during the course can provide insights into emerging trends and best practices and open doors to new job opportunities. Co-op programs during the course offer practical work experience that adds value to your resume, making you more attractive to potential employers.

Moreover, an MBA program helps you acquire valuable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills highly valued by employers across industries. As businesses face ever-changing challenges and complexities, having a strong foundation in HR management can give you a competitive edge in the job market. 

Admission Process For MBA In HR 

Candidates pursuing an MBA in human resource management must follow a few steps in the admission process. First, they have to check their eligibility for the program. The institute may require entrance exams like CAT, GMAT or MAT and must be prepared for them. Afterwards, candidates must complete the application form and submit all required documents within specified deadlines. 

Group discussions and personal interviews may also be part of the admission process. While selecting an MBA in human resource management, they should consider factors such as institute reputation, course curriculum and placement opportunities to make an informed decision.

Specialisations In MBA In HR

Aspiring HR professionals who wish to gain expertise in human resource management can choose from various specialisations offered under MBA in human resource management. These specialisations equip students with essential knowledge and skills to deal with various aspects of human resource management, such as talent acquisition, employee relations, strategic management, operations management, industrial relations, training and development etc. 

Popular specialisations include 

  • Recruitment and talent management, which focuses on identifying top talent for organisations
  • Labour law and employee relations, which covers legal aspects of employment practices
  • Compensation and benefits, which deals with reward system design
  • Training and development, which enhances employee skills
  • Organisational behaviour explores the psychology of human behaviour at work. 

Pursuing an MBA in human resource management with these specialisations ensures that individuals can effectively handle workforce-related challenges.

Top Entrance Exams For MBA In HR 

For those aspiring to pursue an MBA in human resource management, several entrance exams are available. Common Admission Test (CAT), Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT), Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP), Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test (NMAT), and Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) are some of the most popular entrance exams. CAT is the most sought-after among them. 

Other well-known exams include XAT and SNAP. These exams evaluate a candidate’s reasoning, language, quantitative skills, analytical and logical reasoning skills, language comprehension, and general awareness. Ensure you fulfil the eligibility criteria before appearing for any of these exams.

Career Options After MBA In HR

Unlock a world of career possibilities with an MBA in HR! Graduating from a top MBA program gives you the confidence to take over the reins of human resource management. You will manage employee relations as an HR Manager or compensation & benefits manager while creating workforce training programs. Talented graduates of this two-year Master’s program can land prestigious jobs at Deloitte or KPMG. 

The curriculum focuses on strategic management, talent acquisition & management, and hands-on experience through internships. Your business administration and management skills will help you ace group discussions during placements. 

The Final Say 

An MBA in HR is a highly specialised degree that paves the way for a successful career in human resource management. The course provides students with a broad perspective of the industry, along with practical applications of theoretical concepts. 

This helps them develop soft skills that are essential to managing people and organisations effectively. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional looking for growth opportunities, an MBA in human resource management can give you the edge needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market. 


1. How to ace MBA in HR interviews?

To succeed in MBA HR interviews, understand the hiring process and company culture. Research the company’s values to align your strengths with their needs. Practice common interview questions, and provide specific examples of your HR experience and skills. Highlight achievements and future goals to showcase a passion for the field.

2. Which is better- MBA or PGDM in HR?

Deciding between MBA and PGDM in HR depends on your career goals. MBA is a university degree program, while PGDM is a diploma program offered by autonomous institutes. Both cover similar topics but have different approaches; MBA is more theoretical, while PGDM has a more practical approach.

3. Is MBA in HR management good?

Yes, it is! However, building a career in HR management depends on your skills and interests. 

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