Speak up and Shine

Speak up and Shine
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Speak up and Shine

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”
When you’re young the thought that usuallycrossesone’s mindis when you come to speak in public gathering? The first thing we think about the people ‘LKK’ – Log Kya Kahenge, if we speak any single wrong word they would burst laughing at you …but remember out of those thousands of people – you’re the one who’s trying to speak! When you start speaking with full confidence fearlessly,all in front of you start clapping, appreciating and cheering you to speak more.

There’s one anecdote that I remember, I was in 7thclass and it was my turn to speak morning thought in assembly although I had to speak only single line but it was a moment of eerie. I was struck with fear as if I had lost all of my confidence to ‘LKK’and no one would give another chance to me to speak. But then there was my friend, she didn’t lecture not even motivated me she just said, “Relax and Think Twice”. I realized on one thing that all the confidence lies with you, it’s just a matter to discover it. On that moment, I thought to myself this is my chance to speak among all my friends and teachers. I spoke and more than that I learned that “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

So whenever you have the opportunity to speak and represent yourself…never lose it. The best motivator to find is within yourself. Keep calm, relax and outshine yourself to the world.

Khushi Jain, CSE, BIST

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