How To Increase Concentration And Memory Power In Students?

How To Increase Concentration & Memory Power In Students
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How To Increase Concentration And Memory Power In Students?

A sharp memory and the ability to concentrate are the best friends of any student. During high school and college life, when the pressure skyrockets, having a good focus can help students stay afloat, prioritise their tasks, and do what needs to be done. In a world of instant gratification and short-form content, the time span of focus of the Gen-Zers has significantly decreased.

Research showed that Gen-Zers have a time span of 1 second! This fact is alarming and calls for strict actions. In a world full of distractions, where everything is available at our fingertips, it is important for students to understand the importance of hard work and the power of focus.

In this blog post, we will dive into some tips and techniques to increase the memory power of students and discuss the major distractions that students should avoid. Read the blog to learn more!

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Table Of Contents

1. Why Is Having A Good Memory Important?

2. How To Increase Memory Power In Students?

3. Five Major Distractions While Studying

4. Tips To Improve Focus And Concentration

5. The Final Say 

6. FAQs

Why Is Having A Good Memory Important?

Memory is a property of the brain that stores all the information. There are three main types of memory that are stored by different parts of the brain: explicit memories, implicit memories, and working memories. Scientists have proved that the brain can store trillion bytes of data. But do you know that because of the extensive use of the Internet, this memory power and focus is declining? According to research, Gen-Zers can only stay focussed for 1 second! And this calls for immediate action.

A good memory power in students is like their best friend. Often, students with poor memory work harder than those with good memory but still score lower marks because their brains do not retain the knowledge. Certain genetic and biological factors contribute to a person possessing a strong memory. 

But even students with poor memory can practise certain techniques and improve their focus. With the help of manipulating the neuroplasticity of the brain, i.e., the brain’s ability to adapt and change, all people can enhance their memory power.

How To Increase Memory Power In Students?

Here are some tips to increase memory power in students:

1. Be Organised

Organisation and decluttering help in keeping the external physical environment clean, which has a positive impact on a student’s mental health and helps them to remain focussed and prioritise tasks.

2. Sleep Well

Research has shown, time and again, that 8 hours of sleep are necessary for an adult to function well. Thus, students must try to get 7-8 hours of sleep as this has a major role to play in improving memory power in students.

3. Socialise And Network

Many surveys have proved that having good social relations improves a person’s overall well-being and helps them stay focused and happy. Additionally, socialising is also important for developing communication skills.

4. Vary Your Study Routine

Following the same monotonous study routine can become boring, so include quizzes, flowcharts, graphics, and other interesting study patterns to make it interesting. Learning is never boring if you make it playful.

5. Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics are different learning systems that the brain remembers easily, such as acronyms, song lyrics, rhymes, etc. Using mnemonics to learn difficult topics will make your brain feel interested in the topic and make learning fun.

Five Major Distractions While Studying

Along with adopting healthy study patterns and practising techniques to have a sharp memory, it is important for students to avoid distractions to achieve success. Some of the major distractions that students should avoid are:

1. Social Media

There is no point in guessing; social media is the biggest distraction in today’s modern era. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it! All these platforms provide entertainment in the form of short-form videos, which significantly reduces the attention span of students.

2. Procrastination

It is always convenient to delay tasks like homework and self-assessment because they are not interesting. But the more students procrastinate, the more work keeps piling up. Thus, it is advisable for students to work every day.

3. Noise

External noise can destroy the study ambience. Thus, students should try to study in a calm environment where nobody is present to disturb them.

4. Hunger

Feeling hungry while studying can become a huge distraction and result in reduced focus. Thus, it is good to consume healthy food and have healthy snacks during breaks.

5. Social Gatherings

Unnecessary social gatherings can become a distraction. It is important to have a social life and have good friends, but students must remember to draw a line between studying and socialising.

Tips To Improve Focus And Concentration

Here are some tips for students to improve their focus and concentration:

1. Practise Yoga And Meditation

Practising yoga and meditation have proven to have greater benefits for the physical, mental, and emotional body. Thus, students must take out 5-10 minutes to meditate every day.

2. Exercise

Exercise has been shown to improve the moods of people, and it also plays a great role in helping one stay focussed and concentrated. It is better to spend half an hour exercising than mindlessly scrolling on the mobile phone.

3. Listen To Music

Music is therapeutic, and listening to it for 5-10 minutes while walking, exercising, or at night can help elevate the mood of students. Listening to binaural beats can also allow students to remain focused.

4. Follow A Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet has a lot of advantages, and students who are more prone to resort to junk food must strictly practise eating healthy.

The Final Say 

Having a good memory and concentrating power are blessings in disguise. But, thanks to neuroplasticity, students with poor focus and concentration can practise techniques to improve them. Some of the techniques to improve memory power in students include eating healthy, exercising, and practising yoga and meditation.


1. How to increase memory power in students?

The memory power of students can be increased by being organised, socialising, sleeping well, and using mnemonics for studying.

2. How to increase concentration and memory power?

Concentration and memory power can be increased by practising yoga, meditation, doing exercise, consuming engaging and interactive content and eating healthy.

3. How to increase memory power for study?

To increase their memory power, students must stay physically and mentally active and get adequate amounts of sleep and nutrition.

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