In a Challenging Academic Environment, What Should You Prioritize: Your Health or Your Grades?

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In a Challenging Academic Environment, What Should You Prioritize: Your Health or Your Grades?

The academic competition is rising day by day, each one of us striving to learn and keep with the competitive sphere of the outside world. 

The competitive chaos and obvious pressure to outperform in the academic world and to still maintain peace inside is a challenging task that students are supposed to manage well being adults. 

Pressure of performing well academically generally comes with the higher expectations of Parents and teachers. Competitive peer group also is a potential influencing factor that might put a significant pressure on students to perform well. 

Below we list all the factors that influence your performance academically and how you could identify and minimize these factors to achieve the maximum peace in your life. 

Demanding Teachers and Parents :

Parents have a habit of seeing their child perform the best in all walks of life and academics are no different. Excelling academically is the pressure that every child has to go through in their student life whether in school or college. 

Those students who intend to score well from the start raise higher expectations for the teachers. When there’s too much pressure to score well and the student, if somehow is not able to perform well, often gets disheartened due to performance. 

The discouragement then impacts both their mental and physical health, impacting their overall mental stability. To overcome this phase the students can help understand their parents that winning and losing is a part of life, if not anything failures often teach you the value of success and its importance. 

Academic Performance and Well-Being:

Quality education significantly impacts your professional background. The day-by-day soaring cut-offs of the top renowned colleges have already raised the bar for the students. As a result, competitiveness keeps on rising in every sphere, especially among the students who work hard to outshine their peers. 

This pressure to outperform their fellow mates often puts the students in a stressful zone which significantly impacts their mental and physical well-being. Activities such as starving yourself, and pulling all-nighters lead to a badly impacted lifestyle and deteriorate their physical and emotional health. 

The continuous performance pressure and attaining a perfectionist lifestyle to achieve good grades might lead to a growth of factors that can cause long-term health effects, these could be sleep deprivation, a sense of feeling disconnected from the surroundings, lower self-worth, and self-esteem. 

A change in lifestyle can also lead to students developing mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and suicidal behaviors. Students not scoring well often choose the path of self-harm putting their life at risk under competitive pressure. 

Know What Works Best for You? 

After a storm of mental disorders that appeared in the post-pandemic era, people have got the sensibility to give enough importance to their mental health along with their physical health. 

Academics is important but your health should always be your priority. Succeeding well in your professional life or in that case in any area of your life requires you to work well on your health too. 

Thus prioritizing your mental and physical health along with managing studies will always be the best bet out there. 

To balance both you can take short breaks while studying continuously for hours. Practices like exercising daily and meditating on a regular basis will also help raise your concentration power and will also help you keep the needed peace of mind. 

Also spending quality time with friends and family could also help you keep the academic stress at bay.  Understanding that academic stress will only lead you backward in life by hindering your mental and physical health, will help you understand the importance of a good balance between the both better. 

So work smart and learn & practice to keep a healthy balance between the both to live a stressful and happening life. 

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