How to manage your time and prepare for IIT-JEE along with school?

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How to manage your time and prepare for IIT-JEE along with school?

Students have already started to prepare for the IIT-JEE examination 2024. The pressure is there as always and becoming more challenging with the passing day. JEE is a top engineering examination in India and a dream of many young students who face difficulty distributing time for a national-level competitive exam while managing the school. 

Most aspirants hope to succeed on their first try, and the pressure that comes with it is daunting. Making their routine stressful and challenging to distribute their time appropriately. The students need the assessment of their time that can be divided to help them ace high school and the IIT-JEE exams. 

What is the significance of managing time for students? 

Time management is a crucial aspect of the daily routine. The role it plays starts at the very beginning of the day. It is the vital process of planning and organizing time division for different tasks and activities. Time management’s primary purpose is to increase students’ efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. 

Time management requires multiple skills and techniques to accomplish specific tasks or goals by the due date. A significant part is identifying the priorities and setting them strategically distant from non-prioritized. Before, it was only inclusive of work or professional activities, but proper strategized time management should also include personal activities. Students should have a way to manage their time accordingly to prepare for IIT-JEE and school examinations. 

Tips for managing time to prepare for IIT-JEE and school simultaneously  

Here are some tips to guide you in managing time following preparation for both IIT-JEE and School boards examination.

Begin early-

One of the biggest challenges students often face is a need for more time for preparation. If students begin early with their practice before being taught the same syllabus in school, it saves valuable time. By the time the school starts teaching the syllabus, they’ll be able to get hold of it and revise it. The same goes for the JEE preparation. It is as beneficial as early on as it starts. This is the first and crucial step for anyone serious about clearing the JEE entrance examination. 

Distribute your time-

Another crucial step is the distribution of time according to your caliber. Divide your time based on the syllabus to prepare and amount of hours required for JEE and school examinations, respectively. Give specific hours to formulate and solve complex questions of JEE and a set amount of time for the school syllabus for different subjects. 

Separate time for practice-

Specific hours should be given to practice mock and previous year’s papers of JEE examination of all three subjects, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Check for similar patterns in varied questions and difficulty levels you can surpass. This will improve your proficiency and speed in solving papers. With this, prepare concepts and formulae notes for JEE preparation. 

Keep on checking notes whenever possible-

Checking your notes will help you remember everything you have learned before. Be it the preparation of JEE or school boards, making notes works like magic as it enables you to learn things quickly when you write them down. Also, checking notes every two weeks can stay in memory for long periods.

 Revise thoroughly-

To be accurate in your answers, constantly revise and practice. The more you revise the facts and the formulae, the better they will reside in your memory. Solve as many problems as possible to reach the level of accuracy required. Clear your doubts with your teachers beforehand and practice those questions more in which you seem to make mistakes. 

Taking adequate sleep-

It is a crucial aspect of time management. Sleeping adequately helps reenergize and boost your mind to work more efficiently. In addition, getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep is essential for proper body functioning. 

The bottom line 

JEE and school exam preparation can be managed together with the right time division. One essential thing that should be kept in mind is that reference material only makes sense after completing NCERT books.

Therefore, try to complete the books before the reference material. Keep on revising and practicing all the necessary materials to achieve the level of accuracy to solve papers of both the exams, including school and the competitive exams. These techniques will help you ace the exam and get fruitful results. 

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