Godrej Group Hiring Process: A Step-By-Step Guide For Students

Godrej Group Hiring Process A Step-By-Step Guide For Students
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Godrej Group Hiring Process: A Step-By-Step Guide For Students

Are you a fresh graduate or intern wanting to kickstart your career? Well, Godrej Group just might be the perfect company for you. Known for its amazing work culture, excellent work-life balance, and growth-oriented environment, Godrej has roots that trace back to India’s National Freedom Struggle. It is a leading marketing company with multinational connections and is headquartered in Mumbai.

In this blog, we will guide you through the steps of the Godrej Group’s hiring process, the Godrej Group career options, the company’s honest review, and how to work as an electrical engineer with this multinational conglomerate. So, let’s dive in!

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Table Of Contents

  1. Overview Of The Godrej Group
  2. Godrej Group Careers
  3. Hiring Process: A Step-By-Step Guide For Students
  4. Is Godrej A Good Company To Work For?
  5. How To Join Godrej Group As An Electrical Engineer?
  6. How To Join An Electrical Engineering Programme?
  7. The Final Say
  8. FAQs

Overview Of The Godrej Group

The Godrej Group was founded in 1897 by Ardeshi Godrej and Pirojsha Godrej. The group is a multinational conglomerate that has its roots traced back to the Indian Independence Movement. It works in the areas of real estate, industries, furniture, and agricultural products. Its affiliated companies include Godrej Industries, Godrej Consumer Products, Godrej Properties, and Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company.

The Group also works on environmental and social issues. In 2022, Godrej Consumer Products was ranked number 1 among the top 100 companies in India for working towards sustainability under the CSR (Company Social Responsibility) Initiative. Today, it has the patronage of nearly 1 billion consumers and is headquartered in East Mumbai.

Godrej Group Careers

The Godrej Group offers job opportunities to freshers and experienced professionals in various disciplines. It promotes diversity, integrity, and practices ‘people philosophy’. The Godrej Group offers jobs to freshers which is a great way for them to work in a challenging but capability-enhancing environment.

Some of the Business Verticals of Godrej Group are:

  •  Aerospace
  • Appliances
  • Chemicals
  • Financial Services
  • Furniture
  • Home and Personal Care
  •  Logistics
  • Power Energy
  • Real Estate

Information about the Godrej Job Vacancy for Freshers is posted on different platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, and on the Godrej Group’s website, under the Godrej Group Careers tab. Freshers seeking opportunities to work with Godrej can make their account on these websites and apply as soon as the job opportunity is posted. 

Godrej Group Jobs for Freshers are available in:

  • Technical
  • Management
  • Software Development
  • Leadership Areas

Hiring Process: A Step-By-Step Guide For Students

The Godrej Group Hiring Process for freshers includes four rounds. Based on their performance in each round, the candidates are selected or eliminated from participating in the next round.

Step 1: Written Exam

The Godrej Written Exam includes 40 questions that need to be answered in 15 minutes. There is also a negative marking of ¼ marks. The test includes questions about English Language, Analytical Ability, Aptitude, and Mathematical topics like algebra, work-time questions, profit, loss, etc.

Step 2: Design Test And Essay Writing

After clearing the Written Exam, the candidate is directed toward a Design Test and Essay Writing Exam where their creative and language skills are tested.

Step 3: Technical Interview

In this round, technical questions related to the educational qualifications of the candidate and the job position they are applying for, are asked. This round enables the interviewer to make a critical analysis of the candidate’s ability to work with an eminent company like the Godrej Group and predict the seriousness of the interviewee’s attitude.

Some commonly asked questions during the technical round are:

  1. What is entropy?
  2. What is a metal gauge?
  3. What is age hardening?
  4. What are hard water and soft water?
  5. Define Newton’s law of viscosity.
  6. Discuss the Carnot cycle.
  7. Discuss steam engines.
  8. What are Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations?
  9. What is the Third law of thermodynamics?
  10.  Classify the drilling machine.

Step 4: HR Interview

In this round, the interviewee’s interpersonal and communication skills are tested, along with his/her enthusiasm, flexibility, and leadership skills. This round is to understand the knowledge of the candidate beyond their technical background and expertise.

Some frequently asked questions during the HR round are:

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Why do you think you’re a good fit for the role?
  3. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  4. Why should we hire you?
  5. What are your salary expectations?
  6. Why did you leave your last company?
  7. Are you willing to relocate?
  8. Are you able to work in teams?
  9. Explain your resume.
  10.  What are your major achievements?

Is Godrej A Good Company To Work For?

Godrej Group has nearly 50,000 employees, and most of them have positive things to say about the company. The following are some reasons why you should work for Godrej:

1. Excellent Work-life Balance

Godrej not only provides an optimum customer experience but also prioritizes the well-being of its employees. The employees working at Godrej are given paid leaves and are rarely told to work overtime, thus, helping them to create a good balance between work and their personal life.

2. Flexible Benefit Plans

Godrej allows its employees to personalize their benefit plans and choose the way they want to structure their salary to give them complete control over their finances.

3. Uncapped Bonus Plans

Godrej offers promotion plans to all of its employees who generate value for the company. They consider their employees as resources and believe in treating them respectfully and with integrity.

4. No Discrimination

Godrej does not discriminate against its employees on grounds of caste, gender, culture, creed, sexuality, etc. It believes in creating a space where everyone is free to express themselves.

5. Free Food And Transport Services

The company offers free food and transportation services to all of its employees and even allows Work-from-home jobs in unavoidable situations.

How To Join The Godrej Group As An Electrical Engineer?

Godrej & Boyce, a company affiliated with the Godrej Group has played a significant role in increasing India’s economic growth since 1897. It has 15,000 employees and a revenue of nearly 15 Cr. It is a leading contributor to India’s space industry. Since it works closely with technology and advanced machinery, it requires Electrical Engineers from time to time.

To join Godrej Group as an Electrical Engineer, you need to meet the following criteria:

1. Educational Qualifications

The candidate must have a BTech Degree specializing in Electrical Engineering from a reputed Engineering College and, additionally, should have scored a good percentage in his/her 12th Class Board Exams.

2. Job Experience

There are always high chances of a candidate being hired if he/she possesses the requisite experience, but if you’re a fresher wishing to work with Godrej Group then you should have experience working with renowned organizations as an intern or a part-time employee.

3. Skills

Regardless of whether the candidate is experienced or not, they should possess skills that are needed to do the required job. Skills in today’s modern world have the power to outshine traditional knowledge and qualifications.

The Godrej Recruitment for Electrical Engineers and other positions is done through campus selections and by posting about the Job Vacancy on their website as well as other platforms like LinkedIn. Once the job opportunity is posted, you will be asked to fill out a form and upload your updated CV and after being shortlisted, you will be called for an interview.

How Can You Join An Electrical Engineering Program?

Electrical Engineering comprises the study of electronic devices, their design, instrumentation, and electromagnetic systems. An Electrical Engineer is responsible for the design, development, execution, and monitoring of electrical devices, systems, or equipment. With advancements in technology, Electrical Engineers are in demand in all industries, like aerospace, automobiles, etc.

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The Final Say

The Godrej Group is a great company to kickstart your career, and with its ongoing expansion, the company is always in need of skilled Electrical Engineers who can contribute to its growth. Follow the steps mentioned in our blog to secure your chance of getting hired by this remarkable 125-year-old company and working in a dynamic, fast-paced, and healthy environment.

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