Essential Tips for College Exams Preparation

Essential Tips for College Exams Preparation
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Essential Tips for College Exams Preparation

Exams are considered to be the most stressful period of a student’s life. With most universities setting a set amount of cut-off to clear entrance exams, many students get hyper-tensed before even appearing for them. To ease such tension caused by the fear of exams, here are some easy exam tips and tricks for college students. 

Prepare a Schedule:

Prepare a schedule or a timetable prior to your exams stating how much time is to be given to which subject and how many hours of sitting are required to finish a topic of a particular subject. This way a study layout will be ready creating a map that you can follow to ultimately prepare and efficiently reach your destination. With this, plan your day by mapping out things you need to get done in a day, this effective way of time management will help you fulfill all your tasks ahead of time. 

Avoid Excessive Use of Social Media:

Using social media excessively during exams, be it for talking to your peers about stress or fear of exams or be it just scrolling through your favorite social media app to get a little break for yourself, will do nothing but cause distraction and waste your time. Instead, certain apps are there which can result in fruitfulness such as Headspace for a calm and composed sleep. Such apps relieve you from distractions and unwanted stress. 

Take Breaks In Between:

Working tirelessly without taking breaks in a long sitting can cause not just physical problems like back aches but can also be mentally frustrating. Taking a break for 30 minutes every 2 hours or taking a break for 10 minutes every 30 minutes can help the brain relax and not burden itself with unwarranted stress. Taking a nap of 30 to 90 minutes can also be beneficial and feel fresh just as you wake up. 

Create a study order:

A study order helps create an outline of what needs to be prepared. It ensures that you study all the necessary topics and no significant information is left out. Study order works in a way like a pyramid, the top most significant topics that will finally appear in exams should be studied first, the ones that are probably or likely to appear should be studied later and at the end of all that are the ones that might be on the final or are least important or carry fewer marks should be studied. Study order breaks down study patterns and eases the process of learning effectively. 

Learn How to Say “NO”:

Helping someone is different than putting others’ needs before yours. If you’re already submerged in a pile of work and are preparing for your exams. You need to learn how to say no to hanging out with friends or doing someone else’s work or going to a party. Although you might be shy and fearful of saying no, you will need to in order to prepare for your exams.

Start Preparing Early On:

Preparing for your exams early on can save you so much time and effort. It can not only release unnecessary stress but can also result in better preparation and revision for your exams. Learning and revising are far more essential and better than cramping the night before.

These time management tips for students provide a simpler and easier way to learn things before exams without panicking and feeling overwhelmed. The stress before exams is reasonable but if we don’t seek the solutions to the problems that surround us or cause hindrance in our lives, what’s the point of stressing about it then? Therefore such tips here at least provide you with simple ways to tackle stress. 

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