ABB Campus Recruitment Process: A Step-by-Step Guide For Students

ABB Campus Recruitment Process A Step-by-Step Guide For Students
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ABB Campus Recruitment Process: A Step-by-Step Guide For Students

Are you a fresh graduate looking to kickstart your career with one of the leading companies in the industry? ABB’s campus recruitment program is an excellent opportunity for young talent to join a dynamic team and make a difference. 

But getting through the recruitment process can be nerve-wracking, especially if you do not know what to expect. In this blog,  we will walk you through everything you need about ABB’s campus recruitment process. 

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Table Of Contents

1. An Overview Of The ABB Campus Recruitment Process 

2. ABB Campus Recruitment Process For Freshers 2023

3. ABB Internship Program Details 

4. ABB Campus Recruitment Aptitude Test Tips

5. ABB Campus Recruitment Selection Process 

6. The Final Say 

7. FAQs 

An Overview Of The ABB Campus Recruitment Process 

The ABB campus recruitment process provides an excellent opportunity for eligible candidates to launch their careers. The recruitment process includes online applications, aptitude tests, group discussions, and interviews. ABB seeks individuals with technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and team spirit to join its multinational corporation. 

Additionally, new hires receive training to develop their skills further. This process is an excellent way for graduates to jumpstart their careers and gain valuable experience in the industry. ABB’s emphasis on technical knowledge, teamwork, and problem-solving indicates that they prioritise soft skill development and employee growth.

ABB Campus Recruitment Process For Freshers 2023

If you are interested in applying for ABB Recruitment 2023, the first step is to visit their official website and fill out an online application form. The application form will require you to provide personal and educational information, as well as a copy of your resume and cover letter. 

After submitting your application, if you are selected, expect to undergo technical and behavioural interview questions before receiving an offer letter that outlines the terms of employment. It is important to prepare thoroughly for the interviews and showcase your skills and experience effectively to increase your chances of being hired. Ensure you have a strong understanding of the company’s mission and values to demonstrate how you can contribute to its success.

ABB Internship Program Details

As an engineering student in India, if you want to kickstart your career in one of the world’s largest robotics companies, then the ABB Internship Program is the perfect opportunity for you! 

The selection procedure involves an online application followed by aptitude tests that include quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability, analytical skills, and a technical section. Once selected, technical and HR interviews and group discussions will be conducted to evaluate problem-solving abilities.

ABB Campus Recruitment Aptitude Test Tips

To ace the ABB recruitment process aptitude test tips for freshers and interns, it is essential to review the syllabus and exam pattern before preparing well. Candidates must practice solving numerical problems on quantitative aptitudes, such as reasoning and analytical sections.

They can refer to backlogs of the previous year’s placement papers too. It is also necessary to manage time between problem-solving at speed with accuracy. Thus making oneself ready for technical interviews and group discussions conducted by companies like ABB.

ABB Campus Recruitment Selection Process 

During the ABB campus recruitment process in India, eligible candidates must clear an aptitude test that includes quantitative aptitude, reasoning, analytical section, a technical section like OS, Unix, RDBMS, and English. Preparing for the technical interview is vital to reviewing past coursework and practising coding problems to ace the ABB campus recruitment selection process. 

Also, research ABB’s core technologies and products before going for an HR interview or group discussion (GD). Eligible candidates must be familiar with circuit breakers, robotics and automation during recruitment. 

The selection procedure at ABB may lead a fresher to land on software engineer or management trainee roles depending on their performance in placement papers. During the HR interview or group discussion round, demonstrate your problem-solving skills using a chart paper for diagrams when necessary.

The Final Say 

The ABB campus recruitment process is rigorous and competitive. However, with the right preparation and mindset, you can ace it. From understanding the eligibility criteria to mastering aptitude tests, technical interviews, and selection processes, our tips and tricks can help you land your dream job at ABB. 

And once you do, you can enjoy competitive salaries, benefits packages, and an exciting career path in a leading engineering company. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing today and be confident in your abilities to succeed in the ABB campus recruitment process!


1. What are the eligibility criteria for applying to ABB campus recruitment?

The criteria for ABB campus recruitment vary based on location and position. Generally, applicants must be enrolled in a full-time degree program at a recognised university, have a minimum GPA of 7.0 (or equivalent), and possess strong communication and teamwork abilities.

2. What is the selection process for ABB campus recruitment?

The ABB campus recruitment process comprises various stages: online application, aptitude tests, group discussions, and personal interviews. The final selection round may include a technical interview or case study presentation. ABB seeks candidates with robust technical skills, excellent communication abilities, and team-working proficiency.

3. What are essential documents for ABB campus recruitment? 

Submitting accurate and up-to-date documents like a resume, academic transcripts, and certificates of achievement is essential for the ABB campus recruitment process. Candidates can also submit additional documents, such as a cover or reference letter, to increase their chances.

4. What skills and qualities does ABB look for in potential candidates?

ABB seeks candidates with robust technical skills and knowledge and effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. They highly value adaptability and a desire to learn. Additionally, ABB prioritises diversity and inclusion, welcoming candidates from diverse backgrounds.

5. How can a fresher join ABB?

A fresher can join ABB by sitting in the recruitment on the college campus and preparing for the interview and tests.

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