How AI May Impact Different Industrial Sectors?

How AI May Impact Different Industrial Sectors
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How AI May Impact Different Industrial Sectors?

A lot has been said and predicted about the future automated world, where almost all of the possible job sectors would see a decrease of human employees due to advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics. 

In this blog we tell you about the ways AI has impacted the present job roles, and how the automation and further advancement in technologies will impact the job roles in future. 

Artificial Intelligence & its impact on various job roles:

Given that many previously performed functions by humans are now automated and that technology is continuing to affect and replace the majority of human work roles. There are various approaches to evaluate the role of AI for human society, both as an advantage and a disadvantage.

Let’s have a look at the impact of artificial intelligence on the various job industries:

Travel & tourism: 

The greatest applications of Artificial intelligence would be in the tourism industry in the form of travel chat bots, voice assistants and robots, facial recognition software, sentiment analysis, baggage handling, and flight forecasting. 

E- commerce:

AI can positively impact the E-commerce industry by means of improving the customer experience alongside providing them with better and innovative solutions to their problems. Some of the ways AI could be a part of E-commerce are by providing personalized shopping experiences, virtual assistance, chat bots, and voice search.

Cyber security:

AI is known to play an increasingly important role in the Cyber security sector. Organizations have started utilizing the role of AI into detecting threats and to protect their systems and data resources. As every coin has two sides, similarly AI in cyber security can be highly misused by cyber criminals to launch more sophisticated attacks. 


AI could turn out to be extremely helpful for corporate finance as it could easily predict and assess loan risks in the market. Robotic advising can also help in improving fraud detection.

Ways in which AI may impact different professions:

  1. With the rapid evolution and advancement in technology, there will be an increased need of engineers to research, create, and test AI systems.
  • The new job opportunities will be created, which will allow employees to showcase their creativity in response to advances in AI. 

  • The creation of advanced level technology will demand new types of work and new types of experts to work on it.

  • New developments in AI will enable employees to complete their work more efficiently and solve a wide range of problems. 


Although we need to develop an understanding that sooner or later almost all of the jobs will get replaced by AI. Few of the professions like Teachers, writers, designers, lawyers, social workers, defense professionals, and medical professionals can never be substituted by robots or artificial intelligence in any cases. Many fields of work can be replicated by technology but they can never provide a substitute for human touch, sensibility, and emotional intelligence the above mentioned jobs require. 

As we enter the digital era, there’s a necessity to develop an acceptance for the growing need of technology in daily life, but it is also important to know that not everything could be digitalized as there will always be a need for human sense and touch in certain walks of life.